We're On a mission

...to allow Germany to leapfrog in the Age of Digital Transformation. Using creative solutions and technology to develop and distribute new models, leading to a resurgence of dynamism amongst Germany companies on the world stage.

Why? We want to disrupt the cycle of borrowing, cloning and cherry-picking ideas, models and concepts to be developed in Germany, and instead develop entirely new and unique methods to allow German companies to own their digital transformation journey. Today, Germany is perceived as a 'digital follower,' not an early adopter or leader.

To make this a reality, we'll apply processes and methodologies from core digital markets in the United States and Asia, with the goal of developing new German-Born practices.

The result? Germany becomes a 'Lead Digital' country. In ten years we hope to host our collaborators and partners from Silicon Valley, coming to Germany to learn about the newest processes, models and ideas in digital.