Make your brand innovative in an instant



Make your brand innovative in an instant

Branded Innovation Events

Make your brand innovative in an instant. We develop events and experiences that are interactive, inspirational, and create change.


Innovation Event Offering.

We specialize in range of formats: Summits, Conferences, Yearly Strategy Meetings, After-Hour Events, and Intimate Dinners. Our speakers are international, diverse and cover topics across Technology, Culture, Work, and Entrepreneurship. Our speakers cover U.S., European and Asian markets.


Event Development

You'd like to bring your employees and management closer together with international thought-leaders and subject matter experts to discuss your industry, organizational challenges and new thinking around your companies products and services. We’ll work with you on event conceptualization, planning and execution for your branded innovation event.

Event Programming

You have an existing event concept and an internal team to execute, but need support to create relevant and contextual themes and topics, and speakers, facilitators and panelists to deliver on those themes and topics. We’ll work with you to develop the right content for your event and select thought-leaders and subject matter experts to speak across those themes and topics.

Speaker Content and Fulfillment

You already have an existing event concept and programming, but need the right speakers to match your themes and topics. Whether it's a keynote, panel discussion, or workshop, we’ll work with you to curate the right list of speakers and ensure they make your event one-of-a-kind.

The most outstanding and emotional “conference” I’ve ever attended.
— Attendee The 100 Summit




We can assist with each event stage.

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Event Conceptualization

  • Develop theme (Artificial Intelligence), topics (Autonomous Vehicles), subtopics (Computer Vision).

  • Determine which formats (Keynote, Round Table, etc.) best fit which topic and content. 

  • Development of speaker long and short lists in alignment with themes/topics and partners

  • Develop a potential partner/attendee recommendation list curated for event calendar and topics 

  • Offer partner and attendee introductions 

  • Run-of-show development



  • Speaker Management: speaker outreach (gauge interest and availability), negotiation of fee and discussion of Brand values, curation of available speakers, in-depth briefing calls, logistics management for travel and day-of presence, and general needs (Speaker headshot, bio, presentation topic, materials required, etc.)

  • Moderation: selection of appropriate moderator to support event - speaker introduction, session related translation support, facilitation of Q&A (required for events over 30ppl) 

  • Facilitation: source and select topic specific facilitators to support workshop or related formats. 

  • Guest Experience: work with caterer for food and beverage, concierge services (hotel partnerships, dinner reservations, coat check, transport, etc.), ambient music or hired DJ. Work with the facility team or external provider to supply all necessary A/V and technical support.



  • Full onsite production support from event set up (furniture layout, decor, materials, A/V, F&B, signage). 

  • Capture the event through briefing of photographer or videographer.

  • Moderator - open event with welcome notes, speaker and partner introductions when needed. Point of reference for all participants concerning session/content related questions. Facilitate workshops, break-outs, group discussion, Q&A, introductions/matchmaking. Assist with wrap-up of event

  • Follow up the event with thank you messages and a recap of the event to share with attendees. Capture data through surveys to attendees to understand how they interpreted the event.


Here are some of the companies we’ve created experiences for.


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