An open network results in your need being fulfilled by the very best talent for your specific ask. Many consultancies and agencies in the innovation and digital transformation space often try to 'do everything themselves.' We believe in curating the best partners to collaborate with you on your challenge. We lead by example and urge our clients to adopt open network models as well. 

One of the benefits of an open network is cognitive diversity (experience and thought). We are typically working on very difficult questions, so it’s essential that we have different voices in the room with our clients. This aids in the creative process and allows us to move faster towards solutions.

Here's what our clients are saying

“I've been to the Valley a couple times before, but this trip was like nothing else before.”

Mercedes Global Head of Sales


“The insights we were given are really helpful, and needed to better understand how Silicon Valley is thinking... what kind of problems they see, what kind of problem solving methods / thinking they pursue and in the end what will competition in the future mean for us...”

BMW Head of Plant, Austria


“To learn what is happening in our industry and how digitization will change everything is more than evolutionary, its revolutionary.”

Upgrade Agency, Founder


“Ryan is very well connected in the startup world and very open to share his connections, findings and experience. Thanks a lot for this openness and ease.”

BMW VP Development


“I have to unlearn how to sketch, since I'm used to sketching everything in 2D with 3D there is no perspective, meaning you have to sketch in a new way. The future is exciting and this trip has opened my eyes!”

BMW Head of Design


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